Theme:  STEAM, the missing link to spirituality and culture for sustainable development in Africa.

Motto:  Get exposed, aspire to inspire.

Date:     5/ 9th—5/ 12th, 2018

Place:    JTR Hall, Tower Hill,

               Freetown, Sierra Leone 


JTR High School, Leading with a mission

It would be an honor to have you as  one of the sponsors of this symposium in terms of financial, material and/ or mentoring support.  Would you choose to be a bronze, silver  or gold sponsor (under sponsorship), we would like to have a promotional video, posters and or brochures of your company  to be displayed during the symposium. 

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Literacy and the Arts

Refsta Education Consortium Inc., is a 5013C corporation.  The motto of ADYSS 2018 is “Get exposed, aspire to inspire.”

The youth symposium is a joint effort of Refsta Education Consortium Inc., USA and Reffell Memorial French Friendship School in Sierra Leone and others. 

    Benefits and expected Outcome


Students will showcase their knowledge in the science, technology, engineering and  math (STEM) field.


Expected Participants:  Global African Diaspora, Sierra Leone and Liberia Stem Gigs and Others.    


The relationship and collaborative efforts  of youths seeking solutions to common problems (i.e. Anne Arundel County Public School students, USA, Wales Cathedral School interns, England with  JTR) would contribute to the ending of extreme poverty as well as stifle global terrorism.

It is our hope that the outcome of the symposium would excite entrepreneurship among our youths and spawn international business corporation between the people of Africa including Sierra Leone and the rest of the world.

The main goal of the symposium is to create collaborative efforts of youths seeking solutions to common problems across national boundaries. 

This endeavor should contribute to ending extreme poverty, stifle the spread of disease and the growth of global terrorism.

The conference will create a platform for  youths, academics and businesses to network across national boundaries.  Exchange of ideas in science and technology would improve the number of African skilled workers, encourage investments and technology transfer to the continent and serve as an impetus for those  in the African Diaspora to return and participate in creating sustainable development in Africa. 

Our motivation: Organize and develop youth entrepreneurial collaborative incubators.

A Civil Society with Global Cultural Interaction

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Bunce Island Slave Castle

Freetown, Sierra Leone