African Diaspora Youth STEM Symposium  ADYSS—2018

Please sponsor  our symposium and participants through partnership, material, mentoring and financial support.  If you have any questions, call us at 631-381-8079 or  232-76-662672.  Email:


Sponsor a student lunch                              $      25.00

Sponsor elderly to attend event                         25.00

Sponsor an elementary student project           50.00

Sponsor an elementary sch. team project     250.00

Sponsor a middle / high school project         100.00

Sponsor middle / high sch. team project      400.00

Bronze Sponsors of  ADYSS — 2018.                 700.00

Silver Sponsors of  ADYSS — 2018.                900.00

Gold Sponsors ADYSS — 2018. = or  >        1000.00


Would you choose to be a Bronze, Silver or  Gold sponsor, we would like to have a promotional video, posters and or    brochures of your company to be displayed during the symposium.


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Principal JTR Elementary &  Head of Wales Cathedral

Refsta Education Consortium Inc., in partnership with Wachuku Foundation introduces STEM to the Refugee Community in Rochester, New York..  Our support for the development of resilient democratic societies constitutes reasons why we are holding a youth science, technology, engineering and math symposium in Sierra Leone on the 9th to 12th of May, 2018.  Please support us and click, donate. Thanks!

Reading mats donated by Nantucket Elementary School,

Maryland, USA